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Emergency Information

Although there are set guidelines and procedures for various types of emergencies, no one set of responses can cover every possibility. Accordingly, in an emergency situation, two general guidelines should be remembered: Do Not Panic then Call 911 if you need emergency help. Remember if dialing from a college phone, dial 9-911 to be directed to a call center. Clearly state the location of the emergency to be connected to the local communications center. If possible, send someone to the closest entrance to advise emergency responders to enter there.

When an emergency occurs, such as accidents resulting in serious injury or sudden illness, which requires emergency medical attention, students should call 911 or on their cell phone or dial 9 for an outside line and 911 from a campus phone. Then, notify Campus Enforcement at 828-289-5850. Describe the nature of the emergency and indicate the location of the emergency. 

Accidents & First Aid

For minor medical needs, first aid supplies are available in each building, the Physical Education Office, and the shop classrooms. The college has no facilities for medical treatment other than for minor first aid and can assume no responsibility for treatment of injuries or illness of students. Students suffering from acute illness or injury requiring more than minor first aid are asked to seek medical treatment. The student is responsible for costs incurred in such treatment. Students are encouraged to provide themselves with medical insurance to cover illness/injury. Information regarding student accident insurance is available in Student Services. If an accidental injury involves an enrolled student on campus or as part of a related activity, it may be at least partially covered by student accident insurance.